Tour Dates 40 years of the E2

Pro-Synth Network

Join us to celebrate 40 years of the Emulator 2 and 20 years of the vampire rack 

We will be demonstrating 

Emulator 1

Emulator 2

Emualtor 3

Emulator 4

Vampire Rack Running Emulator X

Atari ST Running IS Digitiser

Emax 2

Prophet 2002

Oberheim DPX-1

Maybe a yamaha DX1 or Fairlight CMI


A great weekend show was had by all!

a few thank you’s if I may..

Thanks to Robbie Puricelli for letting me become part of the Pro-Synth live team I think we have a responsibility to keep the music technology history alive for this generation to the next .. Pro-Synth network is definitely the vehicle for this !

Thanks to Kent Spong for all your hard work for our show in helping us keeping these instruments alive for as long as possible ..

Thanks to Tony Jewell for the wonderful synthesized event, absolutely fantastic! and what a fitting venue. Looking forward to next year and have a few ideas.. may even do something live …It was also great to see all of you lovely people, thanks for making the effort to come and chat to us, it really means a lot to share this with you

Thank you to Ty Unwin for trusting me with your E2 plus HD. To have 2 emulator 2’s in the same room on display to the public probably won’t ever happen again but to have all 5 versions was just awesome.. it’s now safe and sound in the studio and awaiting lots of great sounds before I pop it back up to you ..And finally hope to see more of you in Sheffield and Bristol in October 24

Machina Bristronica 2024 12th and 13th October 2024